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Living in times of Corona

Our First Newsletter

Lessons of mindfulness in times of Corona.

Hi and welcome to our first weekly newsletter! We are so grateful that you use our app or that you follow us on the website or on social media. And here is a way for us to show you our appreciation.

The last few weeks we have been inundated by the news reporting about the Corona virus. With the reporting comes the fear. And much like the virus but much more contagious, we have all become affected by the fear surrounding the virus. There are many different ways to deal with the inner anxiety that is building up. Some people turn to drinking, drugging or other forms of escape. But I strongly recommend to use this time to grow and to look within.

There have been reports that domestic abuse is on the rise, that children are going through difficult situations now that the schools are closed.

We have do what we can to raise our awareness and to help society as a whole. This means that it has to start with You. You, yes, You, reading this email. The time has come to look inward, to not run away any longer, and to Be Still. This virus has forced all of us into a state of isolation and stillness.

Let’s use this time to actually face ourselves.

How many times have you said to yourself, I should start meditating, I should look into that, I need to take care of myself first. Well, here is your chance, now is the time to find your way into You.

I encourage you to start easy, begin with five or ten minute meditations, find them on Youtube or follow me online, Meditating with Marcus, and you will have plenty of examples of meditations to choose from.

But please, start. This is a golden opportunity for you to look for your own inner happiness, which I swear, you will find as you go within. Here we find all the answers to all the questions. Interestingly enough we don’t find those answers anywhere else. Books can help us by showing the way, but we have to find our own truth deep down inside of ourselves.

If you want personal support, feel free to reach out to me through social media or email, I am always very excited and happy to aid and guide in meditation.

Have a splendid, safe, centered and Loving day.

Sincerely, Marcus

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